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This quick and confidential test can help you determine which hair restoration programme is best for you!

It will take you about 2 minutes to go through this simple test.
The purpose of this online assessment is to guide you as you research different hair loss solutions. Based on several questions about your hair loss and expectations we will direct you to the products or services that best suit you or the results that you want. Simply click on your gender below to start your assessment.

A free confidential consultation with our expert hair consultant is the best way to confirm your solution.

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Male or Female?

What is your level of hair loss ? (see the picture)

What is your level of hair loss ? (see the picture)

What is the goal of your hair loss solution?

Do you have a deadline for getting your hair back?

Do you have a budget limitation?

How long have you been experiencing hair loss?

How much more hair do you want to have?

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Consider Cyberhair or PinPoint for your hair loss solution

The only way to really know what solution will be perfect for you is to come in for a free private consultation with a hair loss expert (value worth $300). However, based on your answers, we recommend you consider our Cyberhair and PinPoint hair therapy solutions.

Cyberhair has proven to outperform all similar products including human hair and is so technologically advanced, no other hair matches its beauty and durability.

PinPoint Solutions has the only solution on the market that is very natural and very safe for men and women who have fine thin hair. It is the safest, most featherweight non-invasive hair loss solution.

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