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Why do I need to make an appointment?

As hair problems are a sensitive topic, unique to each individual, it is better to meet our consultants in person. To protect the customer’s privacy, we have prepared individual consultation rooms for your consultation.

Where can I get a consultation?

We have shops located around the world. Please proceed to our Store Locator to find the one nearest to you.
For all other matters, please dial 65 6735 9696. Alternatively, you can also contact us by email.

What are the times you offer consultations?

The times for consultations are as follows:

When visiting in person
Mon – Sun 10:30 am – 7:30 pm
Closed on every Tuesday & Public Holiday

Do you have parking?

We do not have private parking spaces. Please call the shop directly. One of our representatives will direct you to the nearest parking service.

After my consultation, do I need to buy the product right away?

All consultations, trials and quotations are free of charge.
At Aderans, we hope to be able to help our customers in some way after their consultation.
You can make inquiries whenever you want.

Can I bring my children to the shop?

As all our shops offer private rooms, feel free to bring along your children.

Do you offer consultations for children?

We take consultations for children 5 years and older.

Scalp Analysis

I am a little worried about my hair loss recently. What should I do?

The reason behind hair loss differs from person to person.
First, we need to investigate the condition of the scalp, which is why we recommend you take our free scalp analysis.
Our consultants will advise the client on the best course of treatment according to their hair and scalp conditions in order to achieve optimum results. Our salons are by-appointment only. Please visit our website or call toll free at 0800-000-119 to make an appointment.

What is the scalp analysis all about?

Using a scanner and microscope, we are able to capture images of the hair, scalp and roots from different angles.
We will then be able to clearly explain hair conditions and recommend solutions to our clients.

Can I just buy the biochemicals?

You can buy it at our shops.
In order to choose the most suitable biochemicals for our customers, we advise our clients to take the scalp analysis before making their purchase.

About Hair Plus

What is the difference between Hair Plus and hair scalp care?

Hair Plus is a method for increasing the amount of artificial hair when the real hair begins thinning.
Hair scalp care is used to start making improvements to scalp conditions. After starting this treatment, you will be able to realize a healthy hair and scalp.

Is it possible to slowly increase the amount of hair so that changes are not noticeable to others.

For customers who are concerned about changes being noticed by others, we can arrange to have the hair slowly increased in a natural way so that it will not be obvious to others.
Check here for more details.

Q I originally used another product for a long time, maybe its time for a change…What do you think?

Make use of this opportunity to try out Aderans’ products.

Does it really look like natural hair?

Aderans has been researching hair for over 40 years. As for our expertise on hair transplants and treatment, we pay the utmost attention to detail. With the natural look it provides, it is very difficult to notice even when viewed up close.

Staff Profile

How about the staff who will be handling the after-sales service and care?

At Aderans, all staff who handle after-sales services and inspections carry professional beautician licenses.

Q Are the consultants and technicians the same people?

Usually the consultants and technicians have different areas of work. Sometimes, however, when the need arises, they are able to cross over and do either job. As a result, there is no need for concern.