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fugrow scalp cleansing. A hair care product exclusively recommended by FUGROW. Use once every 2 to 3 days before shampooing your hair. It acts on the oil that is clogging up hair follicles or waste on the scalp so that they are more easily cleansed.
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Can remove waste and dirt that accumulate on your scalp or clog your hair follicles when shampoo is ineffective

Lauramide DEA is a plant extract which allows the oil and dirt that accumulate on your scalp or clogging up your hair follicles to be gently removed when used together with shampoo.

Inactive special ingredients. Oil in Scalp. Active special ingredients.

Contains 3 special ingredients
to maintain the health
of your scalp

Rehmannia Chinensis Root ExtractImproves blood circulation and suppresses hair loss brought about by androgens.

Scutellaria Baicalenisis Root ExtractRemoves active enzymes and reduces the scalp’s acidity to improve its vitality.

BX51 which contains 6 complex plant IngredientsEnsures that the scalp is moisturised and keeps it healthy.

Rehmannia Chinensis Root Extract Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract bx51(6 types of complex plant ingredients


fugrow cleansing

Dipropylene Glycol,
Lauramide DEA,
Polysorbate 20,
Butylene Glycol,
Rehmannia Chinensis Root Extract,
Arnica Montana Flower Extract,
Parietaria Officinalis Extract,
Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract,
Hedera Helix (Ivy) Leaf/Stem Extract,
Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Flower Extract,
Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract,
Scutellaria Baicalenisis Root Extract,

Pentylene Glycol,
Eucalypus Globulus Leaf Oil,

When used correctly,
the scalp cleanser can keep
your scalp healthy!

Sequence of Use

Rub the scalp cleanser onto your scalp gently

The scalp cleanser should be applied before rinsing your hair. When the scalp is dry. Apply a small amount on your fingertips (around the size of a red bean) before at 10 different locations on your scalp.

Rub the scalp cleanser onto your scalp gently

Massage your entire scalp thoroughly

Massage your scalp gently using your fingertips. Wait for l to 2 minutes to allow the cleanser to act on the oil and dirt before rinsing clean.

Massage your entire scalp thoroughly


Scalp odorGender: Male Age: 30

Soon after I started using the product, I notice that my hair smells better and my scalp feels cleaner!

Oily scalpGender: Female Age: 40

It used to be that my fingertips would become oily from just touching my head. After using (the scalp cleanser), I feel very pleased that the oil and dirt have been completely removed.

Oily scalpGender: Male Age: 30

My scalp feels much cleaner as compared to when I relied on shampoo alone. It feels as though my scalp can breathe again and it’ s a wonderful feeling.

Itchy scalpGender: Female Age: 40

I enjoy using the product and my scalp is no longer as itchy as before, I am glad that I decided to try it out.

User experienceGender: Male Age: 40

It is such a great feeling! I can almost feel the scalp cleanser permeating my scalp to clean it thoroughly.

Oily scalpGender: Female Age: 50

The feeling of removing all the dirt that has accumulated on my scalp after an entire day is an addictive one. Other than that, I also enjoy massaging my head and my scalp seems normal again, what is more my hair loss seems to have lessen as well.

User experienceGender: Male Age: 50

Using the product allows me to enjoy the wonderful feeling that a thoroughly clean scalp brings.

Hair strength, resilience
and glossinessGender: Female Age: 50

After I turned 50, my scalp seems to secrete oil more easily and my hair seems to be thinning. After using the product once, my scalp became visibly cleaner.


What are the effects of using the scalp cleanser?

It cleans your scalp thoroughly by acting on the oil, the dirt that clogs up hair follicles, and the waste that accumulates on the scalp which shampoo is not able to effectively remove on its own.

ls there a recommended way of using it?

The scalp cleanser should be used before you shampoo your hair, on dry scalp. When applying the scalp cleanser, imagine that you are trying to rub it into your scalp. Follow up by applying pressure and massaging your scalp for greater effectiveness.

How much scalp cleanser should I use each time?

Squeeze scalp cleanser about the size of a red bean onto your fingertips each time before applying at 10 different locations on your scalp.

When should I use it?

It can be used as a normal hair care product and before shampooing your hair.

How frequently should I use it?

It is recommended that you use the scalp cleanser once every 2 or 3 days, or when your scalp starts to smell or is visibly dirty.

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