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maintenance service
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After purchase use your custom wig without a care

To ensure that you remain happy and comfortable when using our products, we offer full service from the moment our product is delivered.

Periodic inspection

Wig and customer usage will be carefully monitored to ensure a harmonious hairstyle.


To guarantee the product lasts a long time, we offer proper hair care products and methods to give the best care possible for your wigs.


Use of appropriate hair products which have been catered to each of our customers.

1 year of free after-sales service

Free service available at each shop

periodic inspection / repair / maintenance / *standerd:unlimited free service custom:1 time free service / *call to book an appointment / *service not included / 1month of free wig maintenance

Warranty period
(One year upon delivery of the product to the customer)

For damage that occurs during the warranty period, please head to any Aderans’ store for free repair. Remember to bring along your warranty card.
(If, however, during the warranty period, the wig has been misused or improperly repaired/altered, and this has resulted in damage, the warranty will be voided.)