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Aderans, a company with more than 46 years of experience in the hair care industry and the latest technological advances.

employing original new technology that concentrates on the hairline.for an always attractive hairline. recteating the downy hair at your hairline using ultrafine hair material for a super realistic hair line our hair has passed a rigid set of tests the secret behind hassle-free shampooing a clear net part for excellent breathability you can't tell where the base ends and scalp brgins






capable of accommondating any situation, aderans' hair replacement system

With this remarkably integrated setup, you won’t be able to detect anything even when touched. It even works with extra short cuts.

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By simply absorbing water it maintains a natural look just like your own hair. You no longer have to worry about passing glances at the pool.

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So thin you can hardly detect where it is attached to your skin. Light to the core!

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A Comfortable Fit

Aderans’ new knotting method is perfectly equipped for fighting off mustiness. At the base of the scalp, we use a special material with exceptional moisture absorption and diffusion properties. Easy to dry after shampooing, our wigs create an environment resistant to must. What is more, all of our knotting technicians are hairdressers as well. Equipped with the skills and expert knowledge necessary for handling hair, we will reliably manage not only your initial fitting but also the maintenance to follow in order for you to enjoy constant comfort.

With our clear net part, you can distinctly display your parting line.

Our new knotting method lets you adjust your part just as you like in accordance with your lifestyle. By using Aderans’ clear net part you can firmly style your hair in a way that looks natural no matter what angle you look at it.

“By focusing on the net material at the product’s base, we were able to achieve a comfortable fit. We have employed a specially processed yarn called Soierion Y®. This Y-cross-sectioned special fabric is not only exceptionally water absorbent but also quick-drying. On top of not getting musty from sweat, it also lets the scalp dry quickly after shampooing. As you are able wash your hair whenever necessary, you can continue wearing the product and still maintain its cleanliness.
*Soierion Y® is a registered trademark of KB Seiren, Ltd.”

hair hair

Handle it like your own hair

Woven into your existing hair, HP-1 restores hair volume. Designed to withstand any condition or situation, its main feature is the binding strength made possible by Aderans’ new knotting method. Not simply for daily routines, you can treat this hair as your own whether playing sports or taking part in outdoor activities. For a natural look and finish that can only be achieved with Aderans hair material (Cyberhair/Vital Hair). Manage your hair daily as if it were your own.

For tough usage

Knotted hair enhancements demand toughness. This is especially true for the base area that connects with your hair and is subjected to sweat, oil, dust, dirt and various other strains. With HP-1, we have selected a material with exceptional durability in order to allow for extended periods of use. Highly elastic, it is easy on the scalp when first knotted and stays firmly put when worn. You can also style and wash your hair everyday without worry.

Increase your hair’s build with our “faceted base net”

In order to strengthen the build of your hair, we have utilized a “faceted base net”. With superior durability and elasticity, this base gives your hair strong body and build from the root up thanks to a unique setup for spacing and positioning the hair. On top of the natural sense of volume it provides, it also offers easy restoration when wet and convenient styling after shampooing.

faceted base net

Until our product reaches you

Deciding on a productFirst, we make inquiries into our customer’s desired hairstyle. As your order will be custom-made, you can choose whatever style you like. If you have an old picture or a magazine with the hairstyle you desire it in, please bring it with you. We will also make a detailed inquiry into your lifestyle and the areas and amount of hair you would like to increase in order to provide you with the most suitable product. Pricing and the schedule until product delivery will be discussed as well. As we place the utmost respect on our customers’ desires and demands, please carefully consider your purchase to make sure you are fully-satisfied with our offer. For customers who wish to try our products before buying, we also offer trial services.

Deciding specifications (shape and style)“We will consult with you to determine your product’s precise specifications.

We will measure the shape of your head using original Aderans’ techniques.

Deciding on your final style
Taking your requests into consideration, we will decide on your final hairstyle after considering specific fitting methods, hair color and more. Rest at ease as our counselor will provide you with careful instruction.”

Making the productStrand by strand, our experienced technicians will add hair by hand for a custom-made base. By manually crafting it, we are able to create hair that blends in naturally with your own. In order to provide our customers with worry-free usage, we also perform a rigid quality inspection after the product is complete. It takes approximately 35 days from start to finish.

Product deliveryAfter arriving at our salon, we will make your final adjustments. At this time, we will inquire about the product’s fit and finished quality and make any fine adjustments that are necessary. We will also carefully explain daily maintenance and how to handle your product.

Our techniques and main focus

A hairline that is natural from every angleYou select the front

As the part of your hair that attracts the most glances, you can select your front from 4 types in accordance with your hairstyle and the condition of your hairline. We employ a unique cutting technique and utilize a camouflage method to leave your hairline with a natural finish.

For a realistic reproduction right down to the follicle. Hair whorls look real as wellScalp real base II

For parts and hair whorls, we use a unique structure to prevent areas where implants have been fixed from being seen directly. This is done by layering a silk net on top of the implanted hair which provides a natural finish where the hair appears to be growing straight out of your own skin.

A blend of unique synthetic hair and natural hairOur AD hybrid hair system

This blend is a perfect balance of our unique synthetic “brain hair” and carefully-selected, natural “pure hair”. It simultaneously delivers a natural texture, ease when styling and overall simplicity.

Matching your scalp and lifestyleSelect the best method for continual usage

Hair Perfect Air offers the user continual usage without the need to fit the product oneself. You can choose your ideal method of fitting according to your lifestyle, scalp condition or the types of sports you enjoy.

Recreating the downy hair at your hairline using ultrafine hair materialADERANS GOLD provides the ultimate hairline. The reason for this is its ultrafine, 60µ (microns) new hair material. In general, a width of 80µ is used, but by employing an even finer hair, we are able to recreate the downy hair found at the ever prominent hairline. Using a random arrangement of hairs, we are able to achieve a more natural appearance. Carefully crafted strand by strand by our technicians, the base uses an inline curve process to fix the product with the curve of the hairline for a perfect fit. Thanks to this ultimate hairline finish, you won’t notice anything unnatural even when touching it or viewing it up close.

The secret behind hassle-free shampooingADERANS GOLD uses an ultrathin synthetic skin for the base area that fits snugly against the scalp. The potential for continued usage over extended periods of time is made possible by the skin’s light and comfortable fit as well as the exceptionally breathable net used at the base. This net not only combats mustiness during periods of extended use but also lets you shampoo your hair just as it is. With ADERANS GOLD, you can keep both your scalp and the product itself in a clean and hygienic state.

The secret behind hassle-free shampooingFor hair that can be repeatedly wetted and dried. If this ultimate naturalness is what you are looking for, it is important to focus not only on the hair’s shine when dry but also on its texture when wet. With ADERANS GOLD, we utilize synthetic hair that has successfully recreated the bumpy cuticle found on the surface of the hair, which is said to give natural hair its luster. As the softness changes with the level of humidity, you can enjoy the natural essence of hair even when wet. Offering exceptional shape retention, you can also easily style it with a hair dryer. What is more, as the color of the synthetic skin base is chosen according to each customer’s scalp, your hairline will naturally blend in and give you a natural look even when the hair is wet.

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