We’re dedicated to improve the overall volume and shine of your hair while restoring a healthy foundation of scalp for strong and beautiful hair to thrive.

Our systematic yet gentle scalp treatment aims to revitalize the scalp and bring elasticity, volume and shine back to the hair, leaving it feeling and looking healthier & stronger & manageable.
With painless LED red light treatment and in-house natural hair care products, it helps boost blood circulation and nurture a healthy scalp for HAIR REGROWTH.
*Result varies depending on individuals.

LED Treatment
  • LED Treatment(*only for advanced treatment)
  • Narrowband LED Red Light treatment
  • helps activate hair follicle and improve blood circulation on the scalp to stimulate new hair growth and reduce hair falling out while enhancing the overall thickness, strength, resilience and elasticity of hair. Plus, it helps reduce gray hair.
    ※The result and effect of the treatment vary depending on individual, irradiation frequency and irradiation duration.
A healthy scalp is key to beautiful and strong hair.

A healthy scalp is key to beautiful and strong hair.

At Aderans, you’ll experience a systematic yet delicate care treatment, which is developed by Japanese Hair Professionals in collaboration with university research institutes. The scalp treatment is exclusively designed to rebuild the healthy hair growth cycle & scalp condition for hair regrowth.

Professional Scalp Analysis

After an in-depth discussion and a scalp analysis, our consultant will recommend you
the proper treatment course and the hair care routine at home.

  • Basic Scalp Treatment(About 75 minutes)
  • Our basic treatment is exclusively designed to rebuild the healthy hair growth cycle & scalp condition for new hair growth. Plus, it helps repair damaged hair while enhancing overall shine, hydration and health of the hair.
  • Advanced Scalp Treatment(About 95 minutes)
  • Advanced Scalp Treatment consists of basic treatment and extra LED treatment, which gently & painlessly stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce hair loss while improving the overall strength and elasticity of the hair.

Hair & Scalp Treatment Flow

  • Scalp Check
  • Cleansing & Massage
  • Scalp DEX
  • Shampooing
  • ic Water & kneading
  • Lift / Repair Base & Kneading
  • Morbido Steam & Cool Down
  • Rinse & After base
  • Half dry
  • GF Essence & HairRepro Z
  • Scalp Air
  • Scalp Grow & Massage
  • LED treatment (only for Advanced course)
  • Styling & Advice


Key features of scalp treatment course.

  • Cleansing & Purifying Scalp with Massage

    Cleansing & Purifying Scalp with Massage

    Gently removing the dirt, buildup, scalp pimples, excessive sebum etc. on the scalp by massage-like rubbing to unclog the pores with our special scalp cleansing agent.

  • Scalp DEX

    Scalp DEX

    Using a strong water jet with carbonic acid to gently cleanse while supplying oxygen to the scalp. With specific frequency and speed of water jet, you’ll experience a very comfortable scalp relaxation and feel refreshed.

  • Morbido Steam & Cool Down

    Morbido Steam & Cool Down

    Using hot steam to help hair conditioning agents penetrate to hair and lock nutrients in.

  • GF Essence & HairRepro Z

    GF Essence & HairRepro Z

    Applying HairRepro Z (with ION mode & T-MFIP mode) to help penetrate GF Essence deeply in the scalp and to the stratum corneum.

    ・GF Essence Collection is a fullerene-infused luxurious Scalp Care Serum with excellent antioxidant properties 172 times greater than vitamin C. Plus, formulated with a blend of placental extract and botanical extracts, it helps moisturize and condition your scalp while stimulating hair follicle growth and improving hair shedding.

  • Scalp Air

    Scalp Air

    It creates the compressed air to deliver a complete head massage that cannot be created by human hands.

  • Scalp Grow & massage

    Scalp Grow & massage

    Applying hair growth tonic enriched with botanical active ingredients. In the end, you’ll be treated a head, neck & shoulder massage for relaxation.

    There’re 2 optional hair growth tonics to choose.
    •Scalp Grow α helps nurture & restore scalp while boosting new hair growth.
    •Scalp Grow β improves hair shedding while nurturing and stimulating new hair growth.

Exclusive Equipment

A synergy of the latest technology and natural care product for healthy scalp and new hair growth.

  • DEVICE 01
    Scalp DEX
  • Scalp DEX

  • A strong yet gentle water jet with carbonic acid to wash off dirt on the scalp for better absorption of care products.
  • DEVICE 02
    Hair Repro Z
  • Hair Repro Z

  • HairRepro Z equipped with ION mode and T-MFIP mode helps scalp essence penetrate deeply to scalp and stratum corneum.
  • DEVICE 03
    Morbido Steam
  • Morbido Steam

  • Morbido Steam helps penetrate hair conditioning agents to hair and lock nutrients in.
  • DEVICE 04
    Scalp Air
  • Scalp Air

  • Scalp Air creates a compressed air to deliver a complete head massage that cannot be created by human hands.
  • DEVICE 05
    LED Red Light
  • LED Red Light

  • LED stimulates blood flow and activate hair follicle to boost hair regrowth and improve hair loss while enhancing overall strength and elasticity of hair. On top of that, it improves gray hair.


Private and Stress-free Rooms

  • 01


    All treatment takes place in a private room out of concern for client privacy. As a result, all treatments are appointment-based.

  • 02


    To avoid embarrassment or disappointment, please make an appointment before your visit.

  • 03


    Our stress-free environment coupled with our excellent service provide the best conditions for hair treatment and customer satisfaction.

Scalp Treatment

Aderans’ Scalp Treatment helps hair cuticles to be opened for better penetration of care lotions and locking them in the hair.

Scalp Treatment

Repair and Nourish


Breakage due to over styling


Our Intensive Scalp Treatment helps reduce breakage and split ends.


Severely damaged hair, exposed without cuticles.


Our Intensive Scalp Treatment helps restore the surface and keep it intact.



  • Hair texture feels totally different.

    After treatment, I combed through my hair with my hand and it feels totally different. I didn’t expect such results at all after just one treatment

    Office worker, in his 30s

  • Feels like a luxury spa

    The hairstylist washed my hair with a lot of care. Now I understand why women love hair spa!

    Fireman, in his 40s

  • More volume

    I feel and see increased volume after each treatment and always go for a different hairstyle the next day.

    Office worker, in his 30s

  • I actually see the bounce and lustre.

    Bounce and lustre? Now I know after the trial! I want to continue the treatment because it really works!

    Farmer, in his 20s

  • The ingredients penetrate slowly and deeply.

    I feel that the ingredients really penetrate into my hair with the help of steam.

    Office worker, in his 30s