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Volume was added gradually, so when it’s a wig, it looked super natural.
Even the hairline looks like real.

FLEX is especially developed for those who prefer to add volume gradually.
Volume is added in stages, to mimic the natural growth of hair.
Not only will it avoid being noticed but it also gives you time to get used to your new look.


  • It looks extremely natural because volume is added gradually.

    It looks extremely natural because volume is added gradually.

    It is hardly noticeable because volume is increased gradually.
    A little more volume each time also gives you time to adjust to the new hairstyle. This peace of mind is particularly welcome by first time users. Customers can decide the amount of volume to be added each time and also whether to use finer hair like the newly grown or thicker ones like the fully grown.
    Our Consultant will guide you through to find the best options.

  • Even the hairline looks real.

    FLEX can be done at a maximum of 10 stages.
    You are free to maintain the volume at a certain stage or speed up the process. Our Consultant will try to meet your request based on the actual situation. Changing the hairstyle is also possible throughout the different stages.

    Even the hairline looks real.

Our Craftsmanship
and Dedication

  • We care about our customers.

    FLEX is a custom hair replacement service in which customers can freely decide where and how much volume is added. Hair fibres of 60-80µm resemble a mixture of newly and fully grown hair. Volume is increased by stage for a natural progression to the ultimately desired hairstyle. We understand hair loss and care about how customers feel. We strive to achieve the dream hairstyle for our customers.

  • Our Dedication

    Hair thinning or loss is individual. Some people start at the hairline. Others may experience it overall. FLEX is a hair replacement system that can be done at your own pace to suit your needs. For those who are experiencing thinning from the hairline, we can start from the crown and gradually add volume toward the front. Those thinning or losing hair overall can start from the hairline and increase volume stage by stage towards the crown. We are aware that each customer is different and we make the best recommendations according to your needs.

  • A Realistic Hairline

    FLEX offers not only the flexibility to increase volume in stages but also a very natural hairline. Our skilled workers take great pains to make a hairline on an artificial skin (a mere 0.05mm thickness or thinness, much like human skin) that mimics the baby hair in reality for a extremely realistic recreation.