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For those considering purchasing a medical wig,
we will now introduce the process from
consultation until purchase.

Consultation process

I want to try on a wig at a store now

I want you to come to my house or hospital roomI want a consultation over the phone

You can search online for a store near you

First of all, please contact us

For hair loss resulting from anticancer medication, we recommend starting preparations before beginning treatment, as it is necessary to get adjusted to your wig. According to your request, we can also visit your home or hospital room, so please feel free to contact us.

Medical-related wigs HOTLINE65-6735-9696

Feel free to pick up the wigs and try them on

Feel free to pick up the wigs and try them on

After listening to your desired style, we will propose a hairstyle that best matches your features.
We encourage our customers to pick up the wig, try out various types and confirm the fit, so that even first time wig users can have a worry-free experience. We will also provide instruction on how to maintain your wig.

We will find the perfect wig for you

We will find the perfect wig for you

Our experienced staff will provide complete support.
Find a wig you like, while enjoying a range of hairstyles.
We also offer a thorough support system after your purchase so you can rest at ease.
For details, please check our “Complete Support”page.