Total support

With Aderans, you can rest at ease even after purchasing your wig! We offer complete after-sales services.

Customer support by wig professionals

Japanese instructors provide regular technical courses on wig cuts, size adjustments, etc.
In addition to knowledge and technical skills related to wigs, staff also acquire information on medical treatments and hair loss.

Customer support by wig professionals

We not only provide size adjustments
at the time of purchase but also after.

The size of your head is said to change by about 2cm from the period before hair loss until when the hair begins growing back. In order to provide a wig that fits the customer’s head at the time of purchase as well as afterwards, we offer unlimited free size adjustments. You can also change your hairstyle according to your preferences. For customers worried about their hairstyle, feel free to consult with us. *A separate fee is charged for hairstyle changes after purchase.

About size adjustments

1 year after-sales service(Custom-made wig)

When purchasing a medical wig from one of Aderans’ directly-managed stores, you will receive 1 year of after-sales services.
※Regarding ready-made wig after-sales service, please contact below;

1 year after-sales service

※Standard:Unlimited free service   Custom: 1time free service
※Call to book an appointment
※Service not included

Our stores offer private consultation rooms

At our Aderans’ stores we have set up private spaces in consideration of our customers’ privacy. You can try on a variety of wigs until you find the one you like without having to worry about passing glances.
When requested, we also offer wig trials at your home or hospital room.

Our stores offer private consultation rooms