A person who enjoys life is beautiful.

Here are women who enjoy their life as they are. What they have in common is a curiosity and a bit of courage to improve themselves. How do they change and what do they feel after they have become more beautiful? We would like to introduce a series of stories of those who enjoy life in their own style.

Now, you may take the first step forward with your beautiful life.

Silky smooth
throughout the day,
it stays comfortable
even when perspiring.

A refreshing fit with exceptional breathability. Gentle on the skin. You can wear it in comfort all day long.

I enjoy myself with different styles of my two fashionable wigs.

Because I teach Japanese dance, I often wear Kimono, and I ordered two wigs, one for daily life and the other for work that suits traditional Japanese style. With the wig for work, I have selected a natural colour tone close to my real hair, and for daily use, the colour is a bit brighter. I always got a skin rash when I was trying the hair dye, so for a long time, I could not dye my hair. However, with the wigs, I do not need to dye my own hair anymore. I once thought the colour (Pink but elegant) may too bright for me, but the compliment from my students were just excellent. I realize that it is important to challenge no matter how old am I.

  • POINT!!

    Easy to clean at home.

    To clean your wig, you need to wash it with warm water (As your body temperature) and dry it naturally. Simple care without worrying.


Soft and beautiful
from the back as well.
Now your hair is
easier to style.

As you can easily change your hairstyle,now you can select more vibrant makeup and clothing.

It’s as easy as you have forgotten that your are wearing a wig.

I did not realize by myself, but when my daughter was home on holiday, she said that my hair parting became thin. It is difficult for me to see for myself. So I was a quite worried and went out with my daughter to try wigs. The type of “mixed hair” was good. It was light and comfortable and it was really natural for me. I almost forget that I was wearing a wig! I am very grateful to my daughter, who gave me such opportunity.

  • POINT!!

    Comfortable even during hot weather!

    The net of our wig is well-ventilated and easy to dry. It is very comfortable.


I felt inferior to my soft hair but now it was solved!

I have ordered the wig because I cannot add the volume of my hair in all kinds of ways. My hair was so soft, just like cat’s hair. no matter how tightly I roll my hair, or using hair styling products, my hair always become squishy and sticky. However, when you wear a wig, all I need is put it on and use my fingers as a comb to adjust, and I also can set a soft curly hair in the blink of an eye. The concern of my hair since I was young has solved, and I enjoy it every day.

  • POINT!!

    It is totally okay when you are running, or blowed by the wind!

    A custom-made wig fits the shape of customer’s head and it won’t move.

Soft and vibrant bangs.
It keeps me young and I love it.

Thanks to technology which builds the hair up solidly from its base, you can keep a soft and full hairstyle throughout the day.

You could be more youthful by the hairstyle.

I am teaching at a calligraphy class and one of my students have beautiful hairstyles. When I asked her what hair salon did she go, she answered that she was wearing a wig. I was surprised that a wig can make a person look more youthful than the real age. I immediately got one, and another student wanted to get information of the beauty salon from me. I would like to share with them that I am wearing a wig.

  • POINT!!

    You may increase your hair gradually.

    You may start your hair volumizing with a partial wig and increase your hair volume step by step. You also may increase the hair just looks like your real hair grows.



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