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Still no idea what to give Mom?

NO WORRIES! Aderans has already picked up some awesome scalp & hair care products for your beautiful & amazing Mom ❤️ 

Pamper your mom to make her feel be loved & spoilt not only on this special Mother's Day but EVERYDAY 🥰 

Check out our TOP 3 recommended hair care products for your Mom!

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❤️ 2in1 Bubble Shampoo & Treatment

This 2in1 exceptional conditioning shampoo & treatment harnesses the power of foam so as to cleanse your mom's scalp very softly while balancing the pH naturally. It is gentle for elderly, children as well as those who have sensitive scalp and are currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment & anti-cancer drug treatments.





❤️ HairRepro GF Essence S & G

HairRepro GF Essence is formulated with Aderans' patented Fullerene Nanomaterials, which has excellent antioxidant properties that's 172 times greater than ordinary Vitamin C 🥰 , making it even more powerful. Besides, a blend of hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts can gently moisturize and condition the scalp while stimulating hair follicle & improving hair shedding.

● HairRepro GF Essence S can be applied to the entire scalp.

● HairRepro GF Essence G can be applied to the areas where you concern most.





❤️ HairRepro MEDIα

HairRepro MEDIα is designed to help maintain & restore a healthy scalp, especially for those who are going to undergo / are currently undergoing chemotherapy & anti-cancer drug treatments. Formulated with new a-lipoic acid know for its excellent antioxidant property, which can improve the side-effect of hair loss during chemotherapies or anticancer drug treatments. It can be applied on the scalp as well as eyebrows.




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