It’s good at both the face and scalp.

Vegas Premium

Advanced total beauty solution products

Vegas Premium


Beaustage Vegas Premium Red

Beaustage Vegas Premium
【Red】 $900

Beaustage Vegas Premium Pink

Beaustage Vegas Premium
【Pink】 $900

Beaustage Vegas Premium Champagne gold

Beaustage Vegas Premium
【Champagne gold】 $900


Can be used with a natural hand angle
Head tilted by 20 degrees


Light and easy to hold
Barycentric balance design       

Features Features
Effective use
Keep eyelashes healthy/Let eyelashes become more glossy
Give the eyelashes bounce/Prevent tearing, cutting,and spliting of eyelashes
Benefage Eyelash & Blow Essence Premium

Benefage Eyelash & Blow Essence Premium

*Nano encapsulation of GF ingredients
In addition to eyelashes and eyebrows, this premium essence also provides eye care. “Fullerenes”, a topical super-antioxidant material, is also used as a skin conditioning ingredient in luxurious formulations. You may use with Vegas Premium together,The eyelashes are kept healthy and prevented from cutting and branching.

Efficient way to use

Use it on clean eyelashes after your wash it.

Eyecare STEP01

Use a special tip to apply the serum along the top and bottom hair roots. Also applied around the eyes which may be a concern of you.

Eyecare STEP02

From under the eyes or the eyes to the knuckles Move in a straight line.

Eyecare STEP03

Move as a straight line from the lower eyebrows to the upper eyebrows while pulling it up.

※ please do eye makeup after the product dried.

In addition to eyelashes and eyebrows, we also can do eye care with this product.
Premium Essence

“Fullerenes”, a topic of antioxidant material is used in luxury.

Five  growth factor  molecules
Beauty care,antioxidant and skin elasticity

Nano encapsulation of GF components
VEGF ※1 KGF ※2 aFGF ※3 rh-Polypeptide-16 ※4 Copper Tripeptide-1 (moisturizing) ※5

※1 rh-Polypeptide-11 ※2 rh-Polypeptide-5 ※3 rh-Polypeptide-13 ※4 rh-Polypeptide-16 ※5 Copper Tripeptide-1 ※6 Ubiquinone ※7 Trisodium Ascorbyl Palmitate Phosphate

“Round Tip”, which is easy to apply to the roots of hairs, is adopted.

A very gentle, curved round tip. We have adopted a flocked type of sponge material that is soft and has good contact with the skin. It can contain the liquid firmly, so also it can be gently conformed to the roots of delicate eyelashes and can be easily and consistently applied to anyone.

Round Tip
Hair Repro EX GF Essence F

Hair Repro EX GF Essence F

We combined Hyaluronic acid and other “polymers” which are attracting attention on the public as a cosmetic (moisturizing) ingredient into our product. A moist effect conditions skin textures and obscure small wrinkles. Please try it on your skin.

Efficient way to use

Use on clean skin after washing.

Facecare STEP01

Loosening your parotid gland and flushed to the clavicle.

Facecare STEP02

Attach it in the order indicated by the arrows in 6-second increments.

Facecare STEP03

Moving like drawing a spiral. (Once each)

Facecare STEP04

Move like drawing a straight line. (Three times each)

Facecare STEP05

Move from bottom to top in the direction of the arrow. (Three times each)

Facecare STEP06

Move in the order of neck, face line, temple. (Once each)
※ Olease do not touch your throat.

※ Be sure to keep your skin wet with serum during the treatment.
※ If the product dries during the treatment, put more on the face.

Compound of two Nobel Prize-winning ingredients*
A luxury cosmetic solution that uses carefully selected materials for anti-aging care.

Soluble Proteoglycan
Citrus Junos Fruit Extract
Prunus Yedoensis Leaf  Extract
Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract
Placental Protein
Superoxide Dismutase
Trisodium Ascorbyl Palmtate Phosphate
Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract

Approach for Skin Different from Hair

Approach for Skin Different from Hair Facecare Attention
Hair Repro EX GF Essence G/Hair Repro EX GF Essence S

Hair Repro EX GF Essence G
Hair Repro EX GF Essence S

The growth factor is blended to keep hair and scalp healthy, and give the hair bounce and resilience. If you can continue to use this to your hair, your can be silky and beautiful.

Hair Repro EX GF Essence S (right-hand side of photograph)
(content: 60mL) $190

Hair Repro EX GF Essence G (left photo)
(content: 20g) $150

Efficient way to use

POINTApply a special serum (for scalp) to the area of concern, and apply the device by pressing the DK head for 2 to 3 seconds.

Overall care

Slowly move from the frontal of head to the occipital of head.            

Point care

Be careful not to entangle the hair, and move it finely with care to the applied part.

The five hair care (moisturizing) ingredients provide not only healthy hair growth, but also bring the hair bounce and resilience to existing hair.
It also provides a comfortable scalp environment that hair can rise from the root.

Five growth factor molecules

To healthy scalp
Condition the skin

※1. rh-Polypeptide-11  ※2. rh-Polypeptide-5  ※3. sh-Polypeptide-31
※4. rh-Polypeptide-16  ※5. Tripeptide-1 Copper

Facecare Attention