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custom-made hair system
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Solve your biggest hair concerns

Based on your existing hair color and style, we can recommend the most suitable fit for you to best experience the benefits of custom-made wigs.

silky smooth throughout the day, it stays comfortable even when perspiring.a refreshing fit with exceptional breathability.gentle on the skin. you can wear it in comfort aall day long.
soft and beautiful from the back as your hair is easier to you can easily change your hairstyle,now you can select more vibrant makeup and clothing.
soft and vibrant bangs. it keeps me young and i love it.thanks to technology which builds the hair up solidly from its base,you can keepa soft and full hairstyle throughout the day.
capable of accommodating any situation, aderans' custom-made hair system

Introducing Aderans’ custom-made wigs to eliminate all your hair worries

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Watch this animation of “the first experience trying on a custom-made wig”

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Custom-made wigs from Production to Completion

Trying it on

We cater to our customer’s needs by providing the option of trying on the wig themselves or at one of Aderans’ salons. Our hair and scalp consultants will provide advice on the hair type and style that best suits you.

Choosing the hair color and style that best suits you

With a variety of hair color choices ranging from differing grades of white to an abundance of other colors, we will find the one which best matches your profile. With excellent water absorption, the material also looks and feels natural even when wet.

Measuring head shape

In order to create a perfect fitting wig, we need to take several head measurements. This allows us to create a customized wig that the customer will not even notice when wearing.


After taking precise measurements of your head shape and size, our skilled experts will proceed to implant the wig’s hair manually one strand at a time. This is to ensure that the final product looks just as natural as your real hair. As this tedious process is completed by hand, the product can only be completed and delivered to you after 1.5 months of workmanship. In maintaining strict quality control, we will check the various components of the wig before delivery to make sure everything is in order.

Hair styling

Once the wig is complete, we will assist the customer in trying it on. We will also carry out minor hairstyling adjustments to make sure everything looks correct. After-sales services such as regular inspections and maintenance are provided to keep our customers free from worry.


We also carry out after-sales services
such as regular inspections and maintenance
to provide our customers with peace of mind.

The benefits of hair and scalp testing

Possessing the same positive attributes as natural hairThrough Aderans’ long history of research, we have perfected the technique for creating a wig which possesses the same attributes as natural human hair. This technique is unique to Aderans’ products and the quality it delivers has been recognized in several countries around the world.

Synthetic hair is very similar to human hair in its texture as well as its shine. Even when damp, synthetic hair is able to revert to its original state after drying. Synthetic hair color does not experience discoloring easily either. With our unique technology, even the minute characteristics of our synthetic hair are similar to human hair. It changes accordingly when washed or exposed to rain. When in contact with heat, it preserves all its natural qualities, allowing you to style your hair by using a hair dryer.
To fulfill our customer’s wishes, we can also combine synthetic hair with human hair. At Aderans, we strive to perfect a synthetic hair that is as close to a human hair as possible.

Silk Protein

Gentle on the skinWith regards to the base piece, we seek to ensure that it remains light and breathable to provide maximum comfort for our users. For customers with sensitive skin, we highly recommend using a wig made entirely from organic products.

Made from the cocoon of spun silk, this is formed by combining two different types of protein. The result is a material that is both soft on the skin and comfortable to wear.

Typically, the silk is made using a small, fine powdered material (with a main component of silk fiber protein) which is put through fiber surface processing, also known as silk protein processing, At Aderans, only extracted pure silk protein is used.

This is why our products retain the ability to absorb and release moisture quickly and easily. Combined with the softness of the material, it results in a product which is comfortable on the skin.

* Fraichir® is registered trademarks of SEIREN CO.,LTD.

Check Vent

It is possible to select colors most close to your ownCheck Vent refers to customers who select a base hair color that is combined with an intermediate color, which is chosen from two or three types of light and dark tones. This results in a hair that is made up of several different colors.

Endless combinations
This is the essential feature

Thanks to this, we are able to help clients with differing needs realize hair that appears most natural.

Rise Hair

Long lasting volumeThe first priority for long artificial hair is its ability to absorb and release moisture easily. This is because highly moist environments cause the hair to fall flat in no time. In order to combat this problem, we have added about 6cm of low water-absorption polyester fibers to our Rise Hair. This ensures that the hair is able to maintain its fluffiness throughout the day. We recommend this product to customers with moisture or sweat issues.

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