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We will treat your most problematic area to the best of our ability to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

Firmly established in the haircare industry, we are able to provide the best treatment for your scalp and hair.

Aderans’ professional scalp treatment will provide you with vibrant and luxurious hair.

i hope to be able to maintain a youthful outlook! so we pursue to create soft and luxurious hair! hair volume and hair lustre, which are important to a woman's outlook, will easily be lost as one ages. lift is created from the roots for the boluminous effect, giving ladies a youthful look!
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Aderans’ treatment focuses on hair cycles and factors related to hair growth! With such an approach we aim to achieve long term results.

Rest phase 3-4 months. Complate degeneration of hair follicles. / Growth Phase. Hair grows out again. Hair loss during rest phase. / Normal period 2-6 years. Disruption to the hair growth cycles is a cause of hair loss. As shown in the diagram, under normal circumstances the growth phase usually lasts 2 to 6 years. / Extension.Hair. Scalp. Hair follicle. Continued growth. / Degeneration Phase 2weeks. Hair follicles start to shrink.

2 Hair and Scalp Treatment courses

For our 2 courses, we have prepared a “Scalp Treatment Course” and an “Extensive Treatment Course”.

Scalp Treatment Course

Ascertaining the scalp’s condition, we customize the best treatment to provide the scalp with essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Extensive Treatment Course

“Programs for healthy scalp and hair texture improvement as well as hair damage repair. Our holistic treatment is targeted at: those hoping to repair damaged hair; those hoping to cultivate more beautiful hair; those hoping to improve current hair conditions; as well as those with a deep interest in their own hair.
Determining existing hair conditions and the extent of damage is important in customizing the best form of treatment for you.”

“*During the course of treatment, the methods used may change according to individual circumstances. *In regards to cost, kindly call hotline at 65 6735 9696. Alternatively, you can contact us via our enquiry form.”

Technical Information

*We select the best method of treatment from our “Scalp Care Treatment Course” and ” Holistic Treatment Course”.

Applying the cleaning agent together with steam treatment

We use the cleaning agent and steam treatment to ensure proper hydration and at the same time allow the dirt to be secreted.

Applying the cleaning agent together with steam treatment Applying the cleaning agent together with steam treatment

Scalp Spa Machine DEX

Scalp Spa Machine DEX

“Using a strong water jet and effective carbonated scalp spa, the dirt clogged pores are cleaned before shampooing. By using a specific frequency and speed, we are able to give rise to a comfortable scalp experience.”

scalp dex

We clean the hair surface and remove dirt inside clogged pores. This feeling is completely different from a normal shampoo. There are four different modes in which powerful jets of water and carbonic acid massage the scalp, providing it with comfort.


We use Iontophoresis and the latest pulse light, AD-DPE to enhance scalp health. Pulse Light MFIP is a trademark of Artistic & Co Pte Ltd.



Using compressed air, we deliver a complete head massage that cannot be recreated by human hands.
With 3 different levels of compression, tension is released in the scalp for a complete head massage.


Application of Essences & Anti-stress SPA

Choose from a selection of 2 ready-made essences. The selected essence will be applied to your head during our relaxing head massage.
Application of Essences & Anti-stress SPA

Application of Essences & Anti-stress SPA
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Private and Stress-free Rooms

Private and Stress-free Rooms

All treatment takes place in a private room out of concern for client privacy. As a result, all treatments are appointment-based.

Private and Stress-free Rooms

Our stress-free environment coupled with our excellent service provide the best conditions for hair treatment and customer satisfaction.

Using the latest technology to achieve the most effective results.

With [Scalp DEX], a high pressure jet of carbonated water washes off dirt and enhances the penetration of chemical and biological agents for better absorption of [Hair Repro Z]. [Morbido Steam] uses fine particles from steam to moisturize and give hair a natural shine. Usage of these machines and their advanced technology is what achieves impressive results.

Using the latest technology to achieve the most effective results.

Scalp Treatment Products

Scalp Treatment Products

Our professional series can also be purchased for personal use.We specifically use Fugrow’s line of haircare products in our shops.

The following professional products can be purchased from department stores, all Aderans’ Salons and our official website. Try it at home.

Please click on the picture to the left for the details of Fugrow scalp care series.

The power of Science & Nature combined. Non-harmful hair care products.

Main Ingredients of the Scalp Shampoo

Rehmannia Chinensis Root Extract

Chinensis Root
Effectively removes dirt from the scalp, clears up the hair follicles and allows hair to grow normally.

Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract

Amurense Bark
Reduces the production of dandruff.

Glycine Soy (Soybean) Seed Extract

Glycine Soy
(Soybean) Seed
Reduces the production of dandruff.

Main Ingredients of the Scalp Lotion

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate,Swertia Japonica Extract

Japonica Extract
Balances and improves the secretion of scalp oil, revitalizes the scalp to keep it healthy and clean.

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract

Baicalensis Root
Suppresses the secretion of all to let the scalp go back to its normal and healthy state.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng Root
Reduces blockage of hair follicles keeps the scalp in a relaxed state to create a healthy environment for both hair and scalp.

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